Telephone Jobcentre Plus on their freephone Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) number 0800 055 6688 to contact a representative from the Department of Work and Pensions about making a claim for the UK welfare benefit.


What is Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)?

Employment and Support Allowance, otherwise known as ESA, is a welfare benefit that is designed to provide financial support to UK residents who are unable to find a job due to long-term illness or disability. The UK government’s department for Work and Pensions offers the benefit having scrapped previous welfare schemes that also offered financial assistance for those who are unable to find employment, such as Incapacity Benefit and Severe Disablement Allowance.


ESA Freephone General Enquiries – 0800 055 6688

Contact the UK Department for Work and Pensions on their Employment and Support Allowance telephone number 0800 055 6688 to discuss the application process required to successfully claim the benefit. It is harder to claim for ESA than it was for its equivalent before the year 2008, Incapacity benefit, as claimants are required to pass the Work Capability Assessment. It is therefore recommended that prospective claimants call a DWP representative about the medical documentation that is needed to support their claim as evidence. For instance it is unlikely that you will even be able to book an assessment at your local Jobcentre regarding ESA if you do not have a letter from your GP and the contact details for their practice.

Alternatively, you may wish to contact a Jobcentre Plus advisor on their freephone ESA number as an existing claimant as you can discuss your payment schedule over the telephone. For instance, if you believe that a recent installment of ESA is late then you should call the helpline as soon as possible to rectify the situation. However, if you have been overpaid then you will still have to report the situation to a member of the DWP team, as you will have to return the excess on your ESA installment. Callers should also get in touch to notify the Jobcentre of a change of circumstances such as if they have been given a medical assessment that states they are fit to return to work. The DWP representative will then assist claimants as they transfer to claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance while they are looking for employment.


Call Costs and Opening Hours

The Employment and Support Allowance helpline operates using a 0800 freephone number meaning that all calls will be completely free when made from a UK mobile or landline telephone. Furthermore, you can only contact a DWP representative during the working week as the call centre is available during the opening hours of 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.


Important ESA Contact Numbers

ESA Department UK Contact Number Opening Hours
New Claims for Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income Support, Incapacity Benefit or Employment and Support Allowance 0800 055 6688 8am-6pm Monday to Friday
Jobcentre Plus – Existing Claims General Enquiries 0345 608 8545 8am-6pm Monday to Friday
New Style ESA – Live Service Area for Universal Credit 0345 600 0723 8am-6pm Monday to Friday
New Style ESA – Full Service Area 0345 600 4272 8am-6pm Monday to Friday


Other Ways to Enquire about ESA


Jobcentre Plus Locator

If you would prefer to enquire about Employment and Support Allowance in person then you should find the contact details of your nearest Jobcentre when using the DWP’s Online Jobcentre Locator tool.


DWP Twitter Support

Claimants can also discuss their ESA online as the Department of Work and Pensions offers a support service over social media with their Official Twitter Help Page.